Triggering Mechanisms

Everyone has experiences where “buttons” are being pushed by people’s words, gestures, tone of voice, body language,etc. Learn how to diffuse these self-defeating mechanisms.

The Potters Wheel

Different levels of your subconscious and unconscious memories are dealt with in terms of the “basement of your memory house”. Allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse, eliminate, remold, heal and rearrange you due to trauma, occult involvement, hereditary diseases, physiological malfunctions, etc.


Did you know you have 3 brains?? There is one in your head, your heart and your gut. And healing must take place in all three areas, or your physical helaing and your soul healing will be hindered as well as your financial prosperity, 3 John 1:2

Spirit, Soul & Body Alignment

Misalignment affects the whole person, including their financial prosperity. The soul will affect your physical healing AND Finances (3 John 2). Major causes of misalignment are occult involvement, death wishes, emotional and physical trauma.

Freedom From Homosexual Cravings

This DVD has been tested on numerous cases — both male and female and many wonderful testimonies were reported. Dr. Aiko goes through the “step by step” process of gaining freedom.

Oneness With God

Learn how to experience oneness with God by allowing your entire being (spirit, soul and body) to communie with Him. You will learn to perceive people, circumstances and your existence throuigh His eyes.