About Dr. Aiko Hormann


Aiko Hormann came to the United States in 1951 from Japan under the Foreign Student Exchange Program. She earned her (Phd) in mathematics at the University of Missouri, and became a Research Scientist, specializing in “Artificial Intelligence” and the Human Brain. In the 1960’s, Aiko’s scientific research work was recognized through journal publications, NATO conference participation, and a “Press Conference” sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. Her biographic data has appeared in several “Who’s Who” publications.

She was the first woman to work as a Project Leader on an Artificial Intelligence Project at the Pentagon. Her civilian ranking was a GS18, which is equivalent to that of a General in the military. So she is a general in the civilian world and equally a General in the Spiritual world.


Her Spiritual Journey

She accepted Jesus Christ in 1968 as Savior, and surrendered her life to His lordship. She put her scientific pursuits on the shelf, and began to study the Bible with the same intensity and thoroughness as she had done in her research work, directed by the Holy Spirit.

Aiko and her husband, Jerry Hormann, ministered together beginning in 1972, under the guidance of Pastor John Smith at Faith Tabernacle, in Los Angeles, California.  In 1982, after Jerry passed into the presence of his Lord, Aiko was directed by the Spirit to begin training “healing ministers“.

God made her aware that all truth is His truth whether it is clear in Scripture or it is man’s own discoveries of God’s truth called “science.” The Scriptures have asserted all truth for thousands of years. One of Aiko’s favorite expressions is “Science is just now catching up with the Bible.” God uses her ministry in a unique way, by combining her many years of experience in scientific research in the areas of artificial intelligence and the brain’s function, with 40 years of Scriptural research. God showed her how to integrate it all in order to serve His purposes for healing and deliverance.

Aiko has been interviewed by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, and has also appeared several times on TBN-TV nationwide, “MorningStar TV station” (International), “It’s a New Day” TV in Canada and Scandinavian TV in Oslo, Norway. She also appeared on local TV stations in California, Texas and Hawaii.