By Isabel (at Waters of Elim Church) 2010


Now the Lord says to you there have been many seasons in your life. You have seen storms, rains and drought and you have seen wildernesses; you have walked through all kinds of weather and circumstances and you have proven to have known to be a woman of strength and a woman of excellence.


The Lord says daughter, you have passed every test that has been sent: you have not failed, not even once — even though the enemy tried to make you fail and the enemy tried many times to hold you back. The Lord says you have become a woman Debra, you are a woman of authority in the Kingdom to carry an Apostolic Mantle with a Prophetic Authority, but the Lord says daughter, I have given you today a New Sword. You will receive a sword of Power, a sword of Might that will cause many to shake and a sword that will sever the heads of giants.


The Lord says you will become a woman who takes people one step beyond.   Because up to now you have been walking in the Shoes and the Mantle of Moses — setting people FREE and taking people out of their prisons and out of a stronghold of Pharaoh; you have fought for many and you have stood there, saying “Let My people go” because they must be set free.The Lord says daughter, I am going to teach you how to access the realms of the Promised Land where the river flows with milk and honey.


The Lord says you are going to enjoy the fruits of the Promised Land. There is a time coming when you are not going to be a PLOWER anymore; you are going to start to collect a HARVEST. You are going to enjoy the harvest and you are coming to a time in your life when JOY is going to overflow in your life when you will see the rewards of faithfulness pouring on you like a rain. And the Lord says to you daughter, write, write, write — because there is much in you that needs to be taught and you will train and prepare many for the work of the Kingdom because you are a leader and you are proving to be a mighty woman.

The Lord says that there have been many times when the enemy has been searching for things to accuse you of and nothing has been found because you have watched your steps closely. Because you have not stepped to the left or to the right but you have walked forward and made decisions that have you in the straight and narrow path — on the way, even though you walked to the mountain of sacrifice many times and you laid down your best offerings at the Altar of God.




By Isabel (at Waters of Elim Church) 2010


The Lord says you have been an intercessor in the House of God; you have been a woman of strength andprayer — a woman who never ceases even when you are asleep. Your spirit is present before God — carryingout the burdens of many. The Lord says daughter, you have learned to hear my voice and you have learned to obey and you have learned to speak with authority because there is a great deal of authority in you.


The Lord says the authority and favor of Esther is granted to you today; you have had the favor of the Father but now the favor of the King is being released upon you.


And I just saw a jug of Oil breaking upon you, a new Anointing and a new Commissioning is being releasedupon you.   The Lord says daughter, this Commissioning is coming now; it is going to manifest in your life and is going to bring you to greater realms and you will stand in front of rulers and stand in front of authorities and the Government of the land — in many Nations.   You are going to many places and taking people to many nations. You have been a great investment to the Lord and the Lord says I am going to invest even more upon you.   This is coming soon, you will start to see some of these delayed answers coming upon you because there have been prayers you have offered for a long time that have not been answered yet. The Lord says I am now releasing these answers.


I just heard the Trumpet, I have heard a trumpet in Heaven being blown upon your life: a trumpet proclaiming release; Victory release and victory is coming upon you, and the Lord is now saying that everything that has been stolen will be released upon your life because the enemy has stolen from you many times but you have not become bitter; you have accepted like Job. You said, whatever He wants, I will take — for He is LordGOD; He knows what is best for me.   You could have turned bitter in circumstances and challenges but you have not. You have kept your heart from bitterness and anger, jealously and envy and the Lord says because of that, advancement is coming and favor is coming upon you.   A NEW day is opening up for you with rewards; and the locusts that took from you are hidden but they must release everything to you.


I see Divine Power coming on you that even the dead will be raised and there is NO limit to what the Lord is bringing to you. You are a woman of the Word of God, so you stand in His Word and you know it is deep within your heart. The Lord says you are a Mother of all nations and an inheritance is coming to you and an inheritance for your household blessing is coming on the land.


You will see the blessings flowing through you and because of you, many have been blessed. There have been ripples to what you have done for God:   everything you have done has caused ripples and that rippling effect will continue multiplying — so that those you have invested into will invest in others for a Gift of Impartation is being released upon you even now, says the Lord.   The Power of Impartation to whatever you SAY will be released and imparted.   Your word will be counted closely and supported and backed up by Heaven; your words are going to be recorded in Heaven and earth. The Lord says you have power to be a woman of character who can be trusted on earth.   There is a great freedom coming upon you — a greater freedom: then you know your God says this freedom is going to put a new spring in your step and a laughter in your mouth and a new giggle in your heart and a new tickle in your belly — says the Lord.