As a little boy, I saw my drunken father beat up my mother —until almost unconscious and bleeding. This was going on almost everyday. I tried to stop him, but I was beaten up also. I made a “vow” that when I grew up I would kill him. When I got old enough to earn some money, I bought a hand gun and gave it to my mother, telling her to use it for her self protection. One day, when I came home from work, I found my mother on the floor in a pool of blood — dead. She killed herself with the VERY gun that I gave to her! I cannot describe the intensity of grief, anger, and self-blame I felt. Within a few months, I started to feel symptoms of MS, eventually becoming wheel-chair bound.

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While Dr. Aiko was in Rhode Island, two attendees of her seminar insisted that she pray for their friend, dying of cancer in another state. It started in his prostate and metastisized into other vital organs. This led to him experiencing vomiting and an inability to eat for a month. Doctors said his digestive system is “dead and nothing is moving through”. The doctors told his wife to prepare for his death. However, they arranged a ‘3-way phone call’ with me so I could pray for this man.

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Dr. Aiko was invited to give a seminar at a ‘half-way house’ in Florida where people with drug/alcohol addiction lived. After many were set free of addiction, Dr. Aiko noticed the ‘house-mother’ of the facility watching and wanting to be healed also. However she could NOT speak clearly because she had ‘scleroderma’ of the mouth. She could NOT open her mouth wide enough to eat normally, so she had to use a ‘straw’ to take her liquified food.

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Jim was severely dyslexic. He had problems with basic reading and writing–so he barely finished the 6th grade. He was about 30 years old when we met and discovered the root of his problem. When I asked him to read a paragraph aloud, he haltingly pronounced each word inaccurately and in a way that was no better than a third grader. I was so embarrassed for him that I stopped him after two sentences.

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A woman and her husband asked Dr. Aiko to pray for their mother who was in a coma and suffering from kidney malfunctions. She was thousands of miles away in another state. By phone, Dr. Aiko directed the daughter to ‘sit in proxy’ for her mother, as she instructed the duaghter;s husband to do the “Spirit, Soul, and Body Alignment Prayer”. Dr. Aiko asked the Father God for the gift of new kidneys according to John 16:23. The following day, the mother came OUT of the coma and 3 days later, doctors found her kidneys totally normal.