Healed From Scleroderma

Mouth Partially Closed

According to doctors, her condition could have affected her internal organs which would have been ‘fatal’. Dr. Aiko was led by the Holy Spirit to say, “You need to forgive your step father”. She burst into tears and told Dr. Aiko about the terrible things her step-father had done to her sexually — even as a toddler. (they are too horrible to repeat here). Dr. Aiko explained that her hatred and unforgiveness would keep her in that condition and it would get worse.   She was willing to repeat after Dr. Aiko — in forgiving her step father and also her mother who did NOT come to her rescue.   Almost instantly, her mouth and fingers became flexible and she could talk normally. Within 10 minutes, she was able to eat some foods and the whole ‘house’ was rejoycing and praising the Lord. Narrated By Dr. Aiko