Healing From Insomnia

Healing from Insomnia

I have been struggling over 10 years with sleep deprivation.  I have asked for medical help and was taught lots of sleep hygiene, and managed to learn to sleep around 5 hours total per night,  but it is not enough for health.

I started watching Aiko’s videos on Youtube, after recognizing her from BC meetings we attended years ago,  and dared to write, asking for wisdom about the brain and sleep.

Aiko prayed for me,  and sent me an assignment prayer.

I really anticipated going to bed that night,  after nights of dread.

I slept a total of around 7 hours!

Not only that,  when I awoke at times during the night,  I stayed in the most peaceful state, and just praised the Lord for the sleep center of my brain being in obedience to God’s order…. and I fell back asleep!

Since then,  each night is a peace experience,  not a war zone!

Even when caring for my grand-kids away from home,  I slept way more than usual seeing I was responsible and “on duty” and my sleep was interrupted by childcare.

I took all five kids to church last Sunday, and as a result of a good sermon, in the afternoon, my spirit heard from God.  I understood that part of the sleep issue was due to the words of my mouth.  It was like I saw a movie of myself saying  “I will sleep when I’m dead”.  I could almost hear Aiko saying,  “That is like a death wish”.   I quickly repented and asked God to forgive my words, and broke agreement with the years of saying that.    Since then I have upped my night sleep to around 8 hours and also can nap in the afternoon on super busy days!  It is a MIRACLE .

Thank you , Aiko for the prayer and good teaching.

Anybody with sleep disorders,  don’t settle for LESS than what God wants for YOU!

From Bonnie