Healing of Dyslexia

Neural Pathways Corrected

Prior to this evaluation, I watched this same man carrying on a fluent and social conversation with other people. In fact, he was quite articulate and talkative when expressing himself in a social context (but not in reading). The Lord revealed to me that his Brocca Area (speech formation area) in the left hemisphere was functioning fine (shown by his articulate conversation), but the neural pathways between his Occipital Lobe (visual center in the back of the head) and the Brocca was not completely developed from birth (the root cause of his difficulty in reading aloud simultaneously). The Lord directed me to “spin the inner man” (on God’s “Potter’s Wheel” — one of the “Tools of the Spirit”) and pray for the complete connection to be made between the Brocca and the Occipital Lobe. This took only about 15 minutes. I watched him crying towards the end of the session, so I asked him if he was experiencing something supernatural. He told me that he felt something ‘moving’ inside his head, and an impression came, “You will never be humiliated again” –as he had been, during his school years. I asked him to read the same paragraph he had previously attempted to read. This time he read it smoothly, without hesitation or stumbling! The following day,

his wife called me, saying, “Jim is so excited about his new ability that he has been fluently reading the Bible ALOUD for the past two hours!”

Praise the Lord!! ~ narrated by Dr. Aiko