Healing of Terminal Cancer

Healed With New Organ

Dr. Aiko did the ‘Laser Beam prayer” to disintegrate cancerous cells and tumors in his body; she aligned his “Spirit, Soul & Body– as the Lord directed her. She also instructed this man to forgive everyone who wounded him and repent of any anger/resentment toward anyone, including GOD. Dr. Aiko was led by the Holy Spirit to say, “The Lord has your ‘spare body parts in Heaven for you — with your name on them and HE can transplant your organs while you are asleep”! This man went into a COMA for 4 days! The doctors who already gave him up to die, thought he was really dying and told his wife to unplug his life-support, but she refused. After 4 days, he woke up (almost like Lazarus) totally alert, hugged his wife, asked for something to eat and said, “Praise the Lord”!

The doctors examined him later and found all of his previously diseased and malfunctioning organs were working — like new!